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I was tagged by Soni Cool 😎 in India for the Blogmas Tag – Christmas Tag.
Thank you for tagging me, Soni!
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So here are the rules:
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Questions by Soni

Q1. Do you have a Christmas tradition? What is it?
Well, since Christmas Eve is the Christmas Day in the Nordic countries…
On TV there are two very short programs – immortal classics – sent every Christmas Eve.
One is the winter saga Tomten – the Swedish Santa dwarf – based on a poem by Viktor Rydberg from 1881:

Tomten (1941) – English subtitles (11 minutes)

The other program is The Declaration of Christmas Peace, sent from the city of Turku in Finland.

The city of Turku – The Christmas Peace Declaration 2020 – In Finnish and Swedish (14 minutes)

Q2. Your favourite Christmas drink?
I think it must be julmust then, since it’s typical for Christmas.

Q3. Do you love celebrating Christmas with family or with friends?
I’ve always celebrated with my family, but due to the pandemic it’s just me and my hubby this year.

Q4. Any plans for Christmas?
No. See Q3!

Q5. A Christmas movie which you plan to watch?
I have no such plan. I think any good movie will do!

Q6. What is your favourite Christmas song?
Well, one of them is Sankta Lucia:

Sankta Lucia – English subtitles

Q7. Do you like snow?
It’s beautiful to look at, but hard to work with…

Q8. Your favourite outdoor activity
Walking our miniature schnauzer Sture

Q9. What are u asking Santa for Christmas?
You don’t speak out loud what you wish for, do you…? 😉

Q10. Are you participating in a gingerbread house competition?
No, I’m not. But I once lived in this gingerbread house…

Q11. Your favourite Christmas dish?
It must be inlagd sill, pickled herring!

Q12. Have you made an apple pie? Or ever tried it? How was it?
Yes, made it and tried it, several times! It’s not a typical Christmas dish here in Sweden though.

My nominees are – you all…!
My questions are the same as above.